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Breed FAQs: Our Farm


Q: What colors do Highlands come in?

A: Along with their distinctive horns, Highland's wooly coats can be a range of colors including yellow, red, white, black, dun, brindle, and silver!  Although these are the main colors, there can be some that come out with highlights or having different colored patches, called parti, as well!

Q: Do you have to worry about deformities in mini cattle?

A: The chondro (dwarf) gene is almost always dominate in a carrier, therefore 2 copies of the gene will result in severely damaged development. A "bull dog" calf is a calf that has received 2 copies of the chondro gene. This is called homozygotes and is almost always fatal to the calf.  It is a must to get all your breeding stock tested before hand!

Q: What is the difference between a standard cow and a mini?

A: Standard cattle are around 62" tall, when measured from the top line.  At maturity, cows have to be under 36" to be a Micro-Mini, between 36 - 42" tall to be Mini or 42 - 46" tall to be a Mid-Mini!

Breed FAQs: Our Farm
Breed FAQs: Our Farm
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