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7K will take care of initial vaccinations and health papers for out of state travel!  We do require a 25% non-refundable deposit to hold a calf along with a signed contract at the time of the hold, and the full payment at the time of weaning, which is generally 5-6 months old!
Prices are dependent on size, color/hair, and gender!

Sale Pen: Sale Pen


Dun Highland Heifer $3500

Rainy is a small framed curious little heifer. She has a beautiful smokey dun coat to match her Sire "Spartan" Her compact frame and curious personality make her a great prospect for an addition to your fold. 

DOB: 3-31-2024

Dam: Autumn

Sire: Spartan



Black Highland Bull $2500

Bruno is our 2023 Bull Calf.

He has a deep square, frame that compliments his thick Black coat! He is expected mature around 42-43''

Bruno is going to make an Excellent Herd Sire. 

DOB: 10-12-2023

Dam : Gypsy

Sire: Kirby



Highland X Shorthorn $3000

Ruby has a unique Strawberry Roan coat. She was born to Chloe who was a first calf heifer. Chloe came to us bred unkown, She is 50/50 Highland/Short horn. She will be polled and has the sweetest calm disposition.

DOB: 4-3-2024

Dam: Chloe

Sire: Shorthorn



Highland Heifer $4000

Beverly was a long anticipated wait for the 7K. Momma is where it started and she has proven her quality year after year. This little heifer has a great lineage of calm friendly proven genetics. She is stout and calm and will be a great heifer to produce quality Highlands calves

DOB 5-28-2024

Dam: Momma

Sire: Spartan



Red Highland Heifer $3500

Kate is everything you could want in a heifer. She is sassy and she knows it. Her traditional thick red coat and solid frame is a perfect combination to make a true foundation cow for years to come. 

DOB: 5-9-2024

Dam: Reba

Sire: Bear



Dun Highland Bull $3000

If your looking for small..... Edgar has it covered. His miniature frame and stocky build is what we expected out of Spartan. he is expected to stay small and his dun coat would make an excellent addition for someone looking to add some color to their calves!

DOB: 5-6-2024

Dam: Asher

Sire: Spartan

If you are interesed, please feel free to reach out via Facebook, Text, or Email!

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