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White/Blonde Highland Bull

Vienna, one of our first calf heifers, brought in the 2023 calving season with a gorgeous little bull!  Our friends helped with the delivery and named this sweet boy, Clarke!



Red Highland Heifer

Autumn had this tiny, gorgeous, deep red baby with a little pink nose just like hers!  She is just the sweetest!



Red Highland Heifer

Helena, (now Dakota) was born in the dark, just before bedtime!  She is petite, and we think she will have the coolest hair, just like her mama, Veda!



White Highland Bull

Blush had this little bull all by her self and we just knew she would have a stunner! He looks just like his daddy, Kirby, with the best bushy hair, and curious personality!!!



White Highland Heifer

Fancy had this gorgeous girl early in the morning! She is petite with the prettiest grey-blue eyes! We are in love with this spunky girl!



Red Highland Heifer

Mama never ceases to amaze us with her beautiful babies! June is spunky like her mama with gorgeous red locks!!!

Blondie calf_edited.jpg


Yellow Highland Heifer

Blondie has given us some of our favorite calves over the years, and this little girl sure does not disappoint with her curly hair and the sweetest personality!



Yellow Highland Heifer

Chessy is the calmest, to herself, mama we have, and Beth didn't fall far from the tree!  She has the best hair and will, no doubt, make the best mama someday!



Highland Bull

Reba had this gorgeous colored boy with a little assistance from her human dad!  You would never know as this boy is as spunky as ever!



Black Highland Bull

Bruno finished out our calving season this year and what a stunner he is!!! He is the fluffiest boy and just in time for Halloween!!! 

If you are interesed, please feel free to reach out via Facebook, Text, or Email!

Past Calves: Sale Pen
Past Calves: Sale Pen

2022 & 2021 CALVES

Gilbert & Blondie_edited.jpg


Yellow Highland Bull

Blondie's calf came on one of the hottest days in August, and she could not love him more! He has the biggest fluffiest ears! He has the best personality, just like his sister, Blush! He went to a loving family North of Bismarck!

Gypsy bull.jpg


Black Highland Bull

Gypsy's bull calf wrapped up our 2022 calving season on Oct 18th! He is small and spunky like his mama! He has the best little highlights and we think he will be a great boyfriend to his new girls in SD!



White Highland Bull

Chessy's tiny white bull, born July 27th! He is everything you could want in a heard sire! Compact and stout like his daddy! He went to the best home and Bed & Breakfast in WY!!!



Yellow Highland Heifer

Journee is Mama's tiny heifer calf born July 26th and we knew she would be fluffy like her mom! She is sweet, yet timid! She got to go with her brother, Brooks, to the sweetest family close to home!



Red Highland Heifer

Shelby is Veda Mae's first calf born July 25th and our first heifer of the year!  We could not be happier as she has her mom's awesome coloring! This girl is "glowing" up so much with her new fam in SD!

BROOKS AUTUMN 2_edited.jpg


Yellow Highland Steer

Brooks is Autumn's first calf!  This big boy was born on June 30th! He loves attention and brushes with a face for the camera! He got to go with his sister, Journee, to the sweetest family and we couldn't be happier for them!

McEntire 2_edited.jpg


Red Tipped Mini Highpark Bull

McEntire was born at the beginning of May at Diamond B Ranch! He is 1/2 Mini Highland, 1/2 Mini British White Park. He is confirmed Chondro+, and came in at 21" tall! He was our graft baby for Reba! She absolutely loved him, but got to go back living with his bio mama at Diamond B after weaning!



Silver Highland Heifer

Diane is Tegan's silver unicorn baby!  She is our little dream girl with the best hair and curious personality like her mama! We are retaining her as we are just so in love!

UNO LUCY_edited.jpg


White Highland Bull

Uno is Lucy's first calf!  He was born on June 1st! He is as sweet as can be, like his mama, and stands at 22" tall! Uno got to travel to Idaho to live with his amazing new mom and dad, and meet up with his new girlfriends!



Red Highland Bull

Kevin is Chessy's Spring 2021 bull calf!
He has the sweetest personality and we know he will make a great fold sire someday!



Red/Brindle Highland Bull

Mama had George in Spring of 2021 and he was definitely the runt of the group, we are guessing he will stay pretty small, but just look at that hair already!

If you are interesed, please feel free to reach out via Facebook, Text, or Email!

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